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  • roberto


    that was so cute and fun it was super face paced tho like let’s slow down a lil bit babes xx

  • Emily


    We all know Eamon and his rabbits were the real stars of the movie

  • Sam


    A true love letter to music and following your passions, told in a really heartfelt and stunning way. More people need to see this film, and the fact it was never Oscar nominated is a fucking crime!

  • mila


    el cine no existía antes de sing street

  • faithterrill


    this months manifestation of my anger and bitterness over my study abroad getting cancelled

  • amelia <3


    one of my favorite movies of all time! it’s a really feel-good story with great music and everything

  • Shawn C


    I have literally seen this movie 213 times and 43 of those were in a row. Nice comfort movie for manic times.

  • Paola


    muito gostosinho de ver

  • crytorama


    Çok tatlı müzikal sahneleri var. Şarkıları da gerçekten özenle bestelenmiş, Spotify'da filmin adını yazarsanız aynı adda bir grup çıkıyor. Şarkıları arada oradan dinliyorum tekrar.

  • Iego


    Best musical that I've watched in years... So good! This is not a film, it's a masterpiece!!!
    I'm crying cause is so good!

  • alechpatt

    they definitely died on that boat

  • Tom LaDue


    very enjoyable