Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

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Deloris Van Cartier is again asked to don the nun's habit to help a run-down Catholic school, presided over by Mother Superior. And if trying to reach out to a class full of uninterested students wasn't bad enough, the sisters discover that the school is due to be closed by the unscrupulous chief of a local authority.




Alternative Titles

Halløj i klosteret 2 - nonnernes hus, Sister Act 2, Sister Act 2 - Più svitata che mai, Rock "N" nonne 2: De retour au couvent, Cambio de Habito 2, Sister act, Acte 2, Mudança de Hábito 2, Сестричка, действуй 2, En värsting till syster 2 - Redo att synda igen, Mudança de Hábito 2 - De Volta ao Convento, Mudança de Hábito 2: Mais Loucuras no Convento, Do Cabaré para o Convento 2, Дій, сестро 2, Apáca show 2. - Újra virul a fityula

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