Space Fantasia 2001 Nights

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In the year 2058, mankind is about to take its first leap into the distant reaches of space. Using the resources at the tail end of a comet, massive spaceships will be sent to the corners of the universe in an attempt to colonize other worlds, but due to the length of time it will take to arrive at even the closest solar system, the comets must be destroyed in-flight, resulting in super-fast speeds that will kill any life onboard; only frozen sperm and eggs, and machines will survive the journey. Carrying the unborn children of the Robinsons, the first of these ships must now set forth to Ozma; and with its precious cargo is coupled the hopes and fears of all humanity.




Alternative Titles

Nisenichi Ya Monogatari, スペース・ファンタジア 2001夜物語, 2001 Ya Monogatari, Space Fantasia 2001 Yoru Monogatari