Sudden Rain Sudden Rain

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The sadness of the fight is the sadness of love. The joy and decline of life that only couples know

The husband, Ryotaro Namiki (Shuji Sano), works in the sales department of a cosmetics company and suffers from a bad stomach. His relationship with his wife Fumiko (Hara) has largely devolved to turning to her for his medicine, which she dutifully but unenthusiastically prepares. They are bored: with life, and with each other. One Sunday afternoon, some new neighbors move in next door: salaryman Nenkichi Imasato (Keiju Kobayashi) and his young, attractive wife Hinako (Akemi Negishi). As it turns out, the new arrivals are not exactly living the dream with their matrimony, either. Then, one day, Ryotaro finds out his company will be eliminating four positions in the sales department, prompting him to seriously consider moving back to the country, and his relationship with Fumiko moves dangerously close to separation. (Patrick Galvan @ Toho Kingdom)

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