Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

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All she wanted was a peaceful life… they didn't give it.

After a 13-year imprisonment for the kidnap and murder of a 6 year old boy, beautiful Lee Guem-ja starts seeking revenge on the man that was really responsible for the boy's death. With the help of fellow inmates and reunited with her daughter, she gets closer and closer to her goal. But will her actions lead to the relief she seeks?




Alternative Titles

Lady Vengeance - Leben für die Rache, Chinjeolhan geumjassi, Lady Vengeance, Shinsetsu-na Kumuja-san, Dulcea ei razbunare, Simpatía por la mujer venganza, I ekdikisi mias kyrias, Qin-joe-han gump-ja-she, Simpatija za gđu Osvetu, Simpatija za gdu. Osvetnicu, Sincere geum-ja, Shed Tears for Lady Vengeance, Pani zemsta, Señora venganza, Simpatije za gospođicu Osvetu