The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years

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The band you know. The story you don't.

The Beatles stormed through Europe's music scene in 1963, and, in 1964, they conquered America. Their groundbreaking world tours changed global youth culture forever and, arguably, invented mass entertainment as we know it today. All the while, the group were composing and recording a series of extraordinarily successful singles and albums. However the relentless pressure of such unprecedented fame, that in 1966 became uncontrollable turmoil, led to the decision to stop touring. In the ensuing years The Beatles were then free to focus on a series of albums that changed the face of recorded music.




Alternative Titles

비틀스 : 에잇 데이즈 어 위크-투어링 이어즈, The Beatles : le monde est à eux - En tournée 1962-1966, The Beatles Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years (2016), The Beatles: Eight Days a Week