The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

For three men the Civil War wasn't hell. It was practice.

While the Civil War rages between the Union and the Confederacy, three men – a quiet loner, a ruthless hit man and a Mexican bandit – comb the American Southwest in search of a strongbox containing $200,000 in stolen gold.




Alternative Titles

A Jó, a Rossz és a Csúf, Den gode, den onde og den grusomme, Três Homens em Conflito, Den gode, den onde, den fule, Хороший, плохой, злой, Dobry, zły i brzydki, הטוב, הרע והמכוער, El bueno, el malo y el feo, Ο καλός, ο κακός και ο άσχημος, Iyi, Kötü ve Çirkin, Geras, blogas ir bjaurus, The Good, the Ugly, the Bad, Добрият, лошият, злият, 석양의 무법자, 석양에 돌아오다, De Goede, de Slechte en de Gemene

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