The Last Temptation of Christ The Last Temptation of Christ

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Jesus, a humble Judean carpenter beginning to see that he is the son of God, is drawn into revolutionary action against the Roman occupiers by Judas -- despite his protestations that love, not violence, is the path to salvation. The burden of being the savior of mankind torments Jesus throughout his life, leading him to doubt. As he is put to death on the cross, Jesus is tempted by visions of an ordinary life married to Mary Magdalene.




Alternative Titles

La última tentación de Cristo, Последнее искушение Христа, La Dernière Tentation du Christ, Jesu siste fristelse, Остання спокуса Христа, Kristuksen viimeinen kiusaus, Ha-Peetoi Ha-Aharon Shel Yeshu, Ostatnie kuszenie Chrystusa, Poslednje Hristovo iskušenje, Kristuse viimane kiusatus, L'ultima tentazione di Cristo, Paskutinis Kristaus gundymas, Ultima ispita a lui Iisus, Die letzte Versuchung Christi, Zadnja Kristusova skusnjava, A Última Tentação de Cristo, Poslední pokušení Krista, Последното изкушение на Христос, Krisztus utolsó megkísértése, Kristi sista frestelse, 基督的最後誘惑, Ο τελευταίος πειρασμός, Den sidste fristelse, O teleftaios peirasmos

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