The Return of Jafar The Return of Jafar

The Aladdin adventure continues...

The evil Jafar escapes from the magic lamp as an all-powerful genie, ready to plot his revenge against Aladdin. From battling elusive villains atop winged horses, to dodging flames inside an exploding lava pit, it's up to Aladdin - with Princess Jasmine and the outrageously funny Genie by his side - to save the kingdom once and for all.





Alternative Titles

Аладин 2 - Аладин и завръщането на Джафар, Завръщането на Джафар, Aladin - Jafarův návrat, Aladin 2, Aladin 2: Jafarův návrat, Aladdin Dschafars Rückkehr, Aladín: El retorno de Jafar, Aladdin 2, Aladdin 2 : Le Retour de Jafar, אלאדין: שובו של ג'אפר, Aladdin 2 - Il Ritorno di Jafar, 알라딘 2 : 돌아온 자파, De Wraak van Jafar, Aladdin - O Regreso de Jafar, Aladdin 2 : The Return of Jafar

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