Yakuza Ladies: Burning Desire Yakuza Ladies: Burning Desire

Tamaki's (Iwashita) husband is the head of the Idei clan, based in southern Osaka. As the film opens, punch-permed lieutenant Ginji (Riki Takeuchi) is killed while pumping iron. Following the hit, rumors and recriminations abound, slowly corroding the clan's cohesion. Ginji, it turns out, was mired in debt. After Ginji borrowed a small fortune to build a luxury resort, his bank went belly up and stopped financing the loan. Frantic for funds, he decided as a last resort to rat out his boss who had skimmed five-billion yen from the gang. Soon everyone assumes that Idei did the hit. Convinced that Idei is being framed, Tamaki sets out to find the real killer.

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