Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

Though there are plenty of amusing moments, Tom Holland is still a great Spidey, and Zendaya is still charming as MJ, this is arguably one of the most frustrating entries in the MCU, and certainly one of the weakest to date. It doubles down on the problems of its predecessor in that it is too long, stops too much for gags, and tries to turn Peter Parker into a junior version of Tony Stark. Going through a load of suits and gadgets is not what the character is about, and I started feeling during this that I didn't like where they've taken Spider-Man in this incarnation. The action sequences are bigger, playing around with space and perspective in clever ways, but they lack a sense of danger despite their scale; the movie may be self-reflexive, but it doesn't stop them being problems. Adding insult to injury, the final post-credits scene also makes film even weaker retroactively for no reason, so thanks for that.

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