Upgrade ★★★★½

Totally didn't expect to love this. A more nihilistic version of Robocop mixed with Black Mirror and a tinge of Videodrome. Leigh Whannel is playing with ideas we've all seen before but adding just enough new flavor that Upgrade feels refreshing. Without a doubt these are some of the best action sequences I've seen this year. The camera movements are dictated by our main character's movements which leads to a more immersive experience. These action sequences are even more powerful because of Logan Marshall-Green's amazing performance. His face and the rest of his body truly feel like two different entities in the action sequences. His body is doing these incredible fight moves while his face is in awe of what is happening. When Marshall-Green isn't in control, you buy into it. It's a shame that Blum House isn't pushing Upgrade that much. Upgrade is one of the best movies of the year and see it while you still can. I give Upgrade a 9/10.

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