Good Time

Good Time ★★★½

A fast paced, unpredictable, and unique thriller, Good Time is a wildly entertaining and interesting film.

Robert Pattinson has proved yet again that he is so much better than those Twilight movies. His performance here is actually great, he makes for a very interesting protagonist. Director Ben Safdie in his breakout role is really impressive too, creating a likable and conflicted character.

Appropriatley titled, this fast paced and energetic narrative keep your attention at all times and make the runtime fly by. The synth score is cool and the cinematography is ripe with an array of neon colors. Safdie proves a skilled director in his breakthrough feature.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on board with some of the shot composition on display. Safdie chose to shoot much of the film in close ups, which was honestly a bit distracting. Sometimes it’s necessary to the story, but other times I would have liked a bit of room in each frame. The narrative also felt slightly disjointed at times.

I really wish they would have included Safdie’s character in the movie more. He is basically the heart of this film, and his supposedly important character is brushed off pretty quickly only to appear in the final minutes.

Overall this was a unique and unpredictable movie. Certainly interesting and entertaining, though I think they could have gotten more out of the story. All the pieces to make an amazing film are here, but I don’t think they fit together quite as well as they could have. Still a fun watch and a very well made film, and absolutely worth checking out.

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