Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

This is honestly kind of sad. It’s so obvious Disney made a list of all the audience complaints with The Last Jedi and set out to undo everything that movie. This movie feels like an outline, not even a completed script. It feels like it was written by a computer to appeal to the masses. 

For all I didn’t like about The Last Jedi, I really enjoyed the reveal that Rey’s parents were nobodies. The fact that she might be related to a Skywalker felt so obvious and made the universe feel so small. But of course she has to be related to Palpatine! But then they make her say Rey Skywalker at the end to try to please anybody who wanted her to be a Skywalker? Give me a break!

This movie really made appreciate The Last Jedi even more because this felt like the third act of Return of the Jedi AGAIN. It’s like they have to keep making the same movie and they can’t come up with anything on their own.

Finn and Poe have almost nothing to do other than bicker and quip to one another. I didn’t agree Rey was too OP in the previous two movies like a lot of people complained but now I agree. She just has a ridiculous amount of convenient powers to solve any situation. Most of the humor didn’t land.

This movie is honestly just so forgettable. It’s shot competently, visually pleasing, and well acted. But it’s so clear Disney had no plan for this series. I want to rewatch The Last Jedi now to see if I like it more because at least that one took some risks, even if they didn’t all pay off.

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