Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

GOOD TIME (2017) -

"Good Time" is a god damn rush of a film, kicking in like a bag of narcotic's suddenly dropped into a movie theatre. Road Runner and Of Mice and Men by way of Grand Theft Auto, a bizarre but hypnotising mix of classic inspiration's with a distinctive contemporary lens. Robert Patterson is seriously E L E C T R I C here, a performance power-house that wrestle's the line between good writing and godly acting. The whole film wrestle's between it's superb inner-written-working's and the spontaneous grit and grime of the directing and pulsating score, yet pull's both off with mesmerising effect and ambitious gusto.
I didn't believe you guy's when you said this was *this* good and I'm sorry; "Good Time" is outstanding film-making and storytelling.