Midsommar ★★★★½

Speaks wholeheartedly to horror's ability to be many things to many people and the genre's range, like what makes comedy "funny" what's "scary" varies and that scary isn't always the goal. "Midsommar's" daymare fairy tale aesthetic and painful messy mediation on mental illness and bad break up's is a audacious unsettling yet elegant example of the peaks of our deepest fears and the genres deepest catharsis. Both fairy tale horror story about a bizarre sunny Scandinavian cult and the sickening guilt, grief, anxiety, toxicity and final rebirth after a break up and bereavement. Surprisingly funny yet still effectively weird? and mesmerizingly shot and scored. Pugh is brilliant. Art house reverie or straight shlock? Or both? Doesn't matter, it gets you in all the right ways.

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