Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

About a halfway through this movie I had the "oh shit!" moment, signifying I figured out what it was all about. Another 20 minutes and the movie had already taken my conceptions of its themes and transformed them again.

I'm not going to lie, until that point the movie was starting to lose me. It had a fresh start but as it seemed to be meandering along with little focus I had trouble grasping anything tangible to relate to. But as soon as I realized what Baumbach was getting at, I was hooked.

At its core, FRANCES HA is a movie about young adults watching their friends grow up, mature, and change around them while they're stuck in the college kid mentality: broke, goofy, single. But at a certain point it becomes much more than that. Suddenly it's about questioning the importance of old friendships and of how our perceptions of people change as we do. It's about looking at our own lives as they really are, not comparing them to what others have accomplished. It's about finding motivation to discover our aspirations or risk moving in circles of uncertainty.

There's a tradition many people I know practice of giving the Dr. Seuss book OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO to freshmen as they leave for college. I think it's time we started giving copies of this movie to them on the day they graduate.

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