Lady Bird ★★★★★

Sacramento is like the midwest of California...

I've lived in Sacramento my whole life (still do), and I have been watching movies for as long as I can remember. So for a film to come out with heart and integrity that finally gives my hometown some clout is eye-watering. Films where half of the story's plot is about its setting or location are a treat to watch, such as Manhattan, la dolce vita, City of God, etc., but I now have a film I can show people what it's like to live in Sacramento. I now have a movie that will give people a reason to tour my town and see the things I love.

As corny as this may sound I got goosebumps every time Sacramento was mentioned by name, every time I saw a location I recognized; it was as if I was the star for that moment. Everyone in the theater was local, I felt a sense of community in a theater I have never felt before. The murmurs and whispers during exterior shots of our landmarks and the reactions to when Lady Bird said something derogatory about Sacramento were great to hear as I wasn't alone in my own feelings of relevance.

Maybe my rating is a bit biased or sentimental, but I found Lady Bird to be so funny, well-acted and all that stuff everyone has heard a million times. Every 5-star film is special to me, and if the only thing that makes Lady Bird truly special for me is its setting? Then so be it.

However, if Lady Bird was in Kansas it'd still be 5-stars.


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