Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

Season 2 of the Halloween tv show, basically. Why we are fighting over film versus digital when we should be fighting the television vs. film war? The use of flashbacks, the way characters are introduced, the exposition, this is pure television. They will likely be able to break up all three seasons into an episodic show, once all is said and done.

That being written...

I vibed with the experience, and enjoyed it for what it is. I wanted a hunting Michael focus from the first David Gordon Green joint, and I got that here.

This experience is a smorgasbord of ideas and tones, and most of the time it feels like everything is just thrown into a blender, and poured all over the viewer. The film is both extremely self aware of the Halloween series, and slasher film tropes, and then also extremely earnest in its social commentary. We get to know/like characters, and then see them get eviscerated in insanely brutal ways, which is honestly a bizarre feeling for a viewer, particularly when you are used to the commandment that unlikable characters should be the ones that meet their demise in slasher flicks.


The mental hospital patient being driven to suicide by the mob, and then having their grotesque mangled body being shown in a fetishistic way, for the gore hounds, is a prime example of the film having this contradictory yin and yang about it.


It's the experience of being unable to pin down the ideas and intentions of this creative work, that make this continuation of the Halloween series most interesting to me. I personally think that it has a lot to do with being a byproduct of trying to make a unique artistic product that also appeals to the algorithm that mass populace appealing content must appease. The slasher genre has always been a contradiction, with its male gaze feminist bent, but the new Halloween franchise with its bizarre self aware earnestness takes the contradictions to a whole new level.

In summation, where are things going to go with this series? Because of the heavy television nature, I really am not going to know what to make of this until the finale comes. I vibe with this, and the first one. Do I wish these felt more cinematic, absolutely. Am I engaged/intrigued despite this creative content not being cinematic to me, also absolutely.

Let's see where the Halloween wind takes us...

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