Wolf Creek 2 ★★★★

When I heard that a sequel to Wolf Creek was being made, I hoped that they were going to give in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 treatment, and make it a more self aware, straight up crazy film. That definitely seems like what they were trying to do with this sequel, and clearly there is stuff lifted directly from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, but the problem is that this film wants to have its sillier moments, whilst also being serious like the first Wolf Creek, and that makes the film a bit of a tonal mess.

I guess to defend the four stars, I'll start off by saying what I like about the film. In terms of a sequel, I think it works well. It opens really great, and then stays pretty strong for the most part. None of the performances even come close to being as good as John Jarratt's, which is an issue, but not a major one. There is a long scene in the third act that I absolutely loved, and played well in regards to reinforing the whole extreme nationalism motivation that is behind the killer Mick Taylor's motivations, and John Jarratt delivers ten fold during this sequence. Jarratt is definitely firing with all acting cylinders here, and he is the reason for the first film's popularity, though his performance is also what makes the film fail in terms of staying too serious, when it should be going more self aware.

There is very little that is funny about the character Mick Taylor. I mean, he can be charismatic and make jokes and stuff, but in the end, Mick Taylor is terrifying, and a sickeningly real seeming psychopath. This is what makes the first Wolf Creek so effective, but here, it is hard to accept the more silly moments, especially after some of the very serious stuff goes down. I just think the film needed to side one way or the other, rather than attempting to straddle the line between being serious and being self aware. I definitely can/do forgive that in regards to the film, thought I would understand why some would not.

In terms of horror movie sequels, Wolf Creek 2 misses the greatness mark that is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, though that is not for lack of trying. If you are familiar with that sequel, you will definitely get a familiar vibe, and like I wrote, they lift stuff directly from that film, they just don't do it as well. I mean, if there ever was a film that could do a great Uncle Buck parody poster, this would be it, if you know what I mean.

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