Midsommar ★★★★★


ari aster, you've done it again, you fucking brilliant psychopath.

i love this. not as much as hereditary, i will admit but i'm not even gonna approach the idea of comparing the two - because they are two completely different films. the camera work, sound design and general... tone were kinda similar, but everything else were miles and miles and miles apart on the fucking-nutty-scale.

idek what to say??? ari does this thing where he makes a movie so personal and so relatable and so real, while simultaneously twisting the entire world in which the story is taking place on its head, introducing some of the most disturbing, violent and explicit scenes i've ever watched (...in the cinema, at least. i've seen a few that are definitely worse than this beast).

the actors in this film in particular were so stellar. florence pugh kills it. now i'm craving an alex wolff x toni collette x florence pugh film somewhere in the future...

'midsommar' is probably gonna run the same marathon that 'hereditary' ran with me last year; i'm gonna root for it in the awards season race the whole damn way, but ultimately watch it get thrown to the side like a sweaty wet towel. ari deserves so much for this. i'm already fuming.

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