Malignant ★★★

Easily the most bizarre thing James Wan has made thus far in his inimitable career of spooky delights. Most of this relies on his usual bag of tricks to such a degree that it kind of struggles to set a tone and rhythm that sets itself apart from your average horror joint. Thankfully, Wan is careful to pepper the typical proceedings with just enough suspense to maintain intrigue, but it does go on for so long that you might wonder if the final twist will be worth it. (Don’t worry… it is.) After 90 curiously paced minutes, Wan unleashes a final act that’s gnarly, twisted, and already one of the most unforgettable pieces of body horror in recent memory. It’s prolonged reveal doesn’t quite make up for the semi-standard slasher and supernatural topes that precede it, but as it stands, Malignant has more deliciously evil things on its mind than most studio horror films today.

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