Tenet ★★★

Certainly smooths out when not viewed with a bunch of IMAX speakers bludgeoning your eardrums, but the gap in my enjoyment between viewings is marginal. I was able to appreciate Nolan's handling of the material a little more this time, particularly in regards to the edit. The pacing is breathless, efficiently plowing through loads of exposition without, in essence, pausing the movie. Combined with some of the most seamless action choreography and visual effects ever executed, this is without a doubt Nolan's tightest work. And yet, I still think this is exactly why it suffers. At 150 minutes, there is curiously very little time to get a grip on what little drama is coughed out of its airtight structure. This is especially frustrating because, compared to something like the MCU, Tenet is clearly of monumental ambition, does a lot of impressive heavy-lifting to express it, but it somehow only feels like just enough by the end. I mean, props to Nolan for constructing another temporal puzzle that rewards more with each viewing, I suppose, though I'm not sure re-watchability should be the sole factor of quality.

Still not as good as Transformers: The Last Knight.

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