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  • House of Games

    House of Games


    Decent late '80s drama crime thriller about a successful psychiatrist getting in deep with a con man. I didn't love it because the dialogue was very 1940s neo noir style which must have been a creative choice by writer and director David Mamet. That style of dialogue took me out of the movie but I was still invested in where it was going. I basically figured out where the plot was going which also brought my rating down but it…

  • You Lucky Dog

    You Lucky Dog

    The second ever Disney Channel Original Movie aka DCOM and it was really bad. I liked Kirk Cameron on the sitcom Growing Pains but he just comes off really flat here. The premise isn't awful for a DCOM but it just doesn't have that classic DCOM formula which involves starring a teen. I guess they figured Kirk Cameron was still young but he had to be at least 27 years old in this.

    For some reason I originally thought this…

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    After watching The Grand Budapest Hotel it is quite apparent that Wes Anderson gets to keep his title as the longest reigning Hipster Movie Director World Champion.

    I haven't seen too many Wes Anderson movies but I understand his style and I like his work from what I have seen. This movie was pretty good with great subtle and not so subtle humor. I didn't like it as much as his last movie "Moonrise Kingdom", but I did think this…

  • 3:15



    1980s High School gang movie starring Adam Baldwin. I originally started watching this on Netflix thinking it was another movie named Tuff Turf (1985) starring James Spader. I'm not sure if it was a mistake by me or if Netflix just had it under the wrong title.

    Overall it isn't an awful movie, but if I had to compare the two considering they are somewhat similar movies that came out the same year I would totally go with Tuff Turf.…