• House of Games

    House of Games


    Decent late '80s drama crime thriller about a successful psychiatrist getting in deep with a con man. I didn't love it because the dialogue was very 1940s neo noir style which must have been a creative choice by writer and director David Mamet. That style of dialogue took me out of the movie but I was still invested in where it was going. I basically figured out where the plot was going which also brought my rating down but it…

  • You Lucky Dog

    You Lucky Dog

    The second ever Disney Channel Original Movie aka DCOM and it was really bad. I liked Kirk Cameron on the sitcom Growing Pains but he just comes off really flat here. The premise isn't awful for a DCOM but it just doesn't have that classic DCOM formula which involves starring a teen. I guess they figured Kirk Cameron was still young but he had to be at least 27 years old in this.

    For some reason I originally thought this…

  • Gate II

    Gate II


    The Gate II is fairly ambitious for what it goes for with it's themes and plot but ultimately fails at being entertaining enough to hold interest.
    The Gate (1987) was easily better, tighter, and just an overall more entertaining movie. I didn't hate Gate II but I also wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they are just a completist and saw the original The Gate (1987).

  • Vampire's Kiss

    Vampire's Kiss


    Nicholas Cage plays a yuppie who may be turning into a vampire. Weird offbeat 1980s comedy with Nicolas Cage giving probably one of his first Nicolas Cage style unhinged performances. It isn't a perfect movie but if you want to see Cage playing a psychotic yuppie who is unraveling you will at least enjoy it.

    If you just look at the poster and trailer you might think this is just a big broad basic comedy romp but it really isn't…

  • Society



    Interesting premise that mostly works although some of the plot elements don't work nearly as well as they could have. It comes off as clunky and disjointed although I totally appreciate the filmmakers taking a big swing especially when it comes to the over the top climax. The social commentary within the movie is interesting although it is very on the nose and very one note.

    If you like weird 1980s body horror movies such as Re-Animator (1985) or From…

  • Perfect



    Perfect is not an awful movie by any standard. A lot of film critics hated this movie which is why I stayed away from it for so long. It may be a bit bloated which makes it overlong, but that is the worse thing I can say about it. I think some people went into this movie thinking it would be a silly comedy making fun of the 1980s aerobics and health club craze when it is obviously a romantic…

  • The Demonologist

    The Demonologist

    The Demonologist is an extremely bland and inept supernatural police procedural. The acting is subpar and the dialogue from the script does not help at all. Speaking of the script the movie also has really bad plot elements that make very little sense and it also has twists I saw coming from a mile away.

    As for the special effects I have to say those are especially bad. The filmmakers use really cheap CGI that looks awful. If you don't…

  • Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece

    Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece


    Couldn't get past the first 15 minutes. I never quit on movies but this one was so bad that I could feel myself getting dumber with every scene.

    This movie is nothing more than cheap nostalgic sensory overload starring a bunch of has been and never was actors.

    I don't mean any disrespect to the filmmakers but if you make cheap awful trash like this don't play stupid and act surprised when people think it sucks. Okay?

  • House



    Use to watch this on TV all the time as a kid. It is quite a bit dated and goofier than I remember it being but it is still a fun watch. If you are interested in a mostly lighthearted horror romp in the same vein as The 'Burbs or Evil Dead 2 then you may enjoy this on some level.

  • Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to the Dollhouse


    Extremely unique indie movie about a girl named Dawn who is just trying to survive junior high. The film pulls no punches and pretty much destroys any cliche that teen drama movies had at the time. Some viewers might feel that it is off putting and sort of anti-climatic which it kind of is, but you have to give the filmmakers some credit for sticking to their guns.

  • The Loveless

    The Loveless


    Decent directorial debut from Kathryn Bigelow. The movie is shot well and has great music. The plot is a bit too thin though. The movie is set up like The Wild One but it feels a lot more realistic so much in fact that it just kind of drags. This movie is a definition of a slow burn and I liked it but I also felt it could have done a bit more.

  • Marlowe



    A neo noir with James Garner playing the famous role of private investigator Phillip Marlowe. Overall it had some good ideas and a great feature length debut from Bruce Lee playing the tough martial arts body guard. Sadly though the plot is extremely clunky and it is hard to follow. The characters are fine but the plot was just kind of a mess.