Eternals ★★★½

i thought people were lying when they said it doesn’t feel like an MCU movie but like it really didn’t. i’m not sure what it is exactly but it just felt very different not necessarily good or bad different. my only major complaint is the length, cgi designs and a certain someone being cast. but i had fun watching it and a lot of the visuals are amazing.

very intrigued by where kit harrington’s character is going next and how the eternals are gonna mix in with the others in the mcu. also congratulations chloe zhao you are the first person to make me think kit harrington is hot i now see what everyone was going on about during game of thrones. also not enough angelina jolie. 

not too sure what kevin feige meant when he said this movie was gonna shake up the mcu and everything we know because it really wasn’t anything groundbreaking in terms of universe impact but who knows.

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