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The Killer | The Definitive Explanation

Welcome to our Colossus Movie Guide for The Killer. This guide contains our detailed library of content covering key aspects of the movie’s plot, ending, meaning, and more. We encourage your comments to help us create the best possible guide. Thank you!

The Film Colossus Podcast: Blade Runner 2049

This week, we take a journey into the dystopian abyss of Blade Runner 2049. Contrary to popular opinion, we aren’t crazy about Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi sequel, with Chris disappointed in the story and Travis frustrated about the visuals. We dig into the movie’s deeper story and ultimately what’s holding it back.

No One Will Save You | The Definitive Explanation

No One Will Save You is ultimately a journey of self-forgiveness. The overall structure is familiar in that the character begins in a place where they’re safe in a world they’ve built, then someone or something disrupts that world, that causes the character to confront whatever they’ve been running/hiding from, ultimately leading to a new world.

Decoding Donnie Darko

In this week's episode of the Film Colossus podcast, we’re geeking over the cult classic that still feels relevant 20 years after its release: Donnie Darko. We discuss how our interpretations of its cryptic story have changed over the years and debate the original cut vs. the director’s cut.

Blade Runner | The Definitive Explanation

Blade Runner is a meditation on what it means to be alive. Deckard’s character journey shows him transform from someone who doesn’t see the humanity in replicants, bioengineered humanoids, to someone who doesn’t care if there’s a difference. While the circumstances are science fiction in nature, the story is a familiar one about tolerance and understanding of the “other”. American History X, Crash, Magnolia, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, I, Robot, all have similar stories where a “Deckard” starts off intolerant only to realize their prejudice…

The Menu | The Definitive Explanation

The Menu is a critique of classism within cultures. In the film, it’s directly applied to the culinary world, pitting a $1250 multi-course dining experience against a $9.95 burger. What does the consumer prefer? What does the chef prefer? But the message extends to other arenas. The movie industry comes to mind. The fashion industry. A Danielle Steel book vs. a Virginia Woolf novel. Does more intellectual always equal better? Does more expensive always equal better? 

Bottoms | A Coming-of-Age Classic

This week on the Film Colossus podcast, we’re talking about a coming-of-age movie that’s destined to become a classic: Bottoms. We discuss the history of high school movies and why this absurd take on growing up stands out.

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