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CHUNKING EXPRESS Explained | Key Themes & Motifs

Wong Kar-wai had built a respectable following after his first two films, As Tears Go By and Days of Being Wild, gained the respects of critics worldwide. After the success of those two projects, Wong became the premier face of the Hong Kong New Wave.

TENET | The Quick Explanation

If you’ve wondered what Tenet is a metaphor for, ultimately, it’s about giving people opportunity. Sator represents forces that would keep people oppressed and limit their opportunities. While The Protagonist represents those who fight for individuals to have opportunities. The reason you want people to have opportunities is for posterity. Posterity means “all future generations.” 

ENEMY | The Quick Explanation

Enemy is Denis Villeneuve’s Fight Club. Except it’s less explicit than Fight Club. It opts to show more than tell. So you never get the big, definitive reveal that Adam and Anthony are the same person the way we do with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. Villeneuve lets a bunch of little things add up over time that make us realize Adam has been an unreliable narrator throughout the film. 

THE BATMAN | Did Riddler Know Bruce Wayne is Batman?

Every Batman movie that has ever existed has to have some subplot involving Batman’s secret identity. Usually the villain wants to know or already knows. Otherwise it’s a love interest who Bruce/Batman wants to tell. Matt Reeve’s The Batman is no different. Fittingly, The Batman makes a mystery of it—a riddle, if you will—playing the Riddler/Batman dynamic in such a way as to leave viewers confused as to whether or not Riddler (Paul Dano) knew the secret. 

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I disliked pretty much every choice made in this movie. I feel bad because this seemed like a very personal project for Joe. But man did I hate it.

Was better than I feared it would be but worse than I hoped. The goats were an awesome call.

I hated this movie so much

The Black Phone

The Black Phone


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