CUT THROAT CITY | Ending Explanation

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I didn’t think Cut Throat City would have a twist. Then, suddenly, it did. If you’re reading this, you probably had the same exact questions as me, “Wait, did that FEMA heist actually happen?” And “Did any of it happen?”

The short answer is: no, yes.

The long answer is: The FEMA heist was part of the “Cut Throat City” graphic novel Blink’s working on. But everything else happened.

Leading up to the FEMA heist, our three main characters, Blink (Shameik Moore), Miracle (Demetrius Shipp Jr.), and Junior (Keean Johnson), have all returned home following the post-casino-heist Odyssey that made up a majority of the movie. 

Once they’re back home, we spend the most time with Blink—he reconnects with his wife and his art room makes its glorious return. We catch Miracle sleeping in his car. And Junior washing out empty kennels after the unfortunate demise of his dog. Things are arguably worse for these guys than before the casino heist. Begging the questions: what did they really accomplish and did they make the right choice in going back to the 9th Ward?

If you’re kind of half paying attention, you see this montage then the cut to the guys hanging out, drinking, realizing they need to do one more job and rob FEMA. It seems sudden and stupid but also makes sense as none of them have anything. The heist doesn’t go well and we watch as all three fall in a hail of bullets. Then they aren’t dead. It was art?

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-Chris Lambert