Dune: Part One | The Definitive Explanation

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Dune: Part One is the first act of a coming-of-age story that emphasizes the myriad number of ways someone’s life can go. In real life, that idea is usually quite ethereal, but Dune portrays it literally through Paul’s visions of the future, visions that shift like the sands of Arrakis. They are potential outcomes, rather than definitive prophecies. Paul has to accept the burden of his birthright—his dad a Duke and his mom one of the Bene Gesserit—as well as face the realities of larger, world-shaping issues, like politics, economics, ecology, and what it means to have and wield power. It’s the same core journey as Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, and, in less exaggerated ways, regular people everywhere, including you, the person reading this. The universality of the story is one of the reasons Frank Herbert’s novel has been a best-seller for nearly 60 years, totaling over 20 million copies. 

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Written by Chris Lambert