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  • Munshigiri

  • The Green Knight

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  • Munshigiri


    Munshigiri is about how Masood Munshi, ADC, Detective Branch of Police solves a head-scratcher of a murder mystery. The title’s figurative allusion suggests an ode to the working style of its protagonist, played by Chanchal Chowdhury, who doesn’t play by the rulebook and instead follows his gut. A man is found dead, his hands raised upwards like ‘an umpire signalling a six’.

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  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight

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    Gawain (Dev Patel)’s family wants him to live a life of greatness so desperately, they send him out to meet his untimely death. With The Green Knight, director David Lowery reworks the 14th-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight into a sumptuous, hypnotic modern myth, each frame artfully composed and strikingly lit.

    Gawain, prone to drunkenness and frequent visits to the local brothel, lives well but has never truly lived. This much is evident when King Arthur (Sean Harris)…

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  • Joji


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    Who is there? One of the subjects of your kingdom. This exchange takes place in Joji, the third film by one of Malayalam cinema’s dream teams – director Dileesh Pothan, writer Syam Pushkaran and actor Fahadh Faasil. Joji is a reworking of Macbeth and while these words might suggest a period setting, Shakespeare’s tragedy has been reimagined in contemporary times, on a sprawling rubber plantation in Kerala. But Joji, the youngest of three brothers, is very much a subject of his father’s kingdom.

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  • Lootcase


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    Lootcase is a long-drawn but fairly well-crafted comedy about ordinary people caught in an extraordinary situation. The premise is far from original: A lower-middle-class family man finds a red suitcase full of cash outside a public toilet. With corrupt politicians, murderous gangsters and ruthless cops at war in the hunt for this missing suitcase, it’s amusing to see that the man’s biggest problem is hiding and spending the loot without inviting suspicion. Which is why Lootcase, much like Delhi Belly,…