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  • Cold Pursuit

    Cold Pursuit


    Look, I love Liam Neeson. Anything he puts out, I'll watch. But this was on par with this movie called The Grey. It had not much to offer, no one to root for, and not even really worth watching. I'm surprised I made it all the way through. The movie drags a lot, and not even all the actions are done by Neeson and who am I rooting to win in this movie again? 1.2 stars.

  • Weekend at Bernie's

    Weekend at Bernie's


    I'm not sure what I learned from this movie, but I was certainly entertained, and I think that was pretty much the point of the film. I recommend since its a classic and its very easy to watch. A no commitment film. 3.5 stars.

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  • Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

    Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie


    Very accurate to the show that this was based on. It was nice to finally have some closure with this TV series from my childhood. The directors overall did a very good job, and it was a worthwhile watch. Highly recommended for those who loved the TV show and want some closure with the leftover plotlines.

  • The Open House

    The Open House


    "Hello, this is Netflix, you're green lit."

    I had pretty low expectations for this film coming out of the gate. It looked like a crappy horror film, but hey, Dylan Minette is in it so why not give it a shot? Well, it remained a boring horror movie throughout and even a more annoying ending with no resolution. I get it, we don't always get resolutions, but we didn't even learn much about the why of this film. Its a throwaway movie, maybe to watch on a rainy day, but don't expect to learn anything.