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  • Love Exposure
  • Kakera: A Piece of Our Life
  • Sawako Decides
  • Tormented
  • The End of Summer

Emotions Exposed: The Films of Hikari Mitsushima

5 films

Written by Brooke Heinz

"As a result of her on-screen versatility and diverse filmography, Mitsushima was inducted into the 2017…

  • Moving On
  • Parasite
  • The Host
  • Petal Dance
  • Rashomon

Best of 2020: Our Favourite Asian Film Discoveries

38 films

Produced by Filmed in Ether team

Every year when we put together these end-of-year reflections, the aim is always to…

  • Better Days
  • Victim(s)

Tragic Youth: A Closer Look at Better Days and Victim(s)

2 films

Written by Claire Langlais

"Although neither film offers a resolute answer as to what can be done to create a…

  • Mogul Mowgli
  • Dust and Ashes
  • Moving On
  • The Horse Thieves. Roads of Time
  • God's Daughter Dances

Ranked: Toronto Reel Asian International FIlm Festival 2020

26 films

Ranked by Aidan Djabarov

Reel Asian is an annual Toronto-based film festival celebrating independent Asian filmmakers of all types and…

  • Moving On
  • The House of Us
  • Our Body
  • Maggie
  • Microhabitat

The Women Directors Leading South Korean Cinema Into its Next Century

26 films

Co-written by Hieu Chau and Natalie Ng Edited by Hieu Chau Narrated by Natalie Ng

Who are some of the…

  • So Young, So Bright
  • Birth of a Jazz Maiden
  • Man Who Causes a Storm
  • You Can Succeed, Too
  • Hong Kong Nocturne

Video Essay: A History of the Japanese Musical

14 films

Written, Narrated, Edited by Hieu Chau

"Although Japan isn’t known internationally for making musicals that isn’t to say the genre…

  • The House of Us
  • A Boy and Sungreen

Through Young Eyes: Korean Women Filmmakers Find Depth in Children’s Stories

2 films

Written by Natalie Ng

"A Boy & Sungreen and The House of Us are unique in that they feature young protagonists…

  • A Quiet Dream
  • Jane
  • Maggie
  • Baseball Girl

A League of Her Own: The Films of Lee Joo-Young

4 films

Written by Brooke Heinz

"Such an approach has seen Lee craft a small, yet high-quality, filmography which promotes inclusivity and…

  • Poetry
  • Norte: The End of History
  • Cemetery of Splendor
  • Right Now, Wrong Then
  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle

Best of the 2010s: East & Southeast Asian Cinema

41 films

Compiled by the Filmed in Ether team

"Each selection by our writers has been chosen for a variety of different…

  • Mind Game
  • Kemonozume
  • Genius Party
  • Kaiba
  • The Tatami Galaxy

Masaaki Yuasa: Always Riding His Own Wave

11 films

Written by Christopher L. Inoa

"Tex Avery once said that in “cartoons, you can do anything,” and for the past…

  • Wild Berries
  • Female
  • Sway
  • Ten Nights of Dreams
  • Dear Doctor

A Guide to Japan’s Modern Women Directors

31 films

Written by Levin Tan

"To celebrate Japanese women directors, here’s a list of our favourites who are also making films…

  • Three Resurrected Drunkards
  • Death by Hanging
  • The River of the Stranger
  • For Kayako
  • Go

Video Essay: A History of Representation in Zainichi Cinema

16 films

Written, Narrated, Edited by Hieu Chau

For the Korean Zainichi, one of Japan’s largest minority groups, it has taken some…