Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★

Video Review (March 18 2023):

Refreshing to see another Scream film that is attempting to take itself seriously.
I have to take a second and applaud the franchise for going for a good screenwriter duo. Simply impressive.
What surprised me the most was that they really tried to work in the emotions this time. The same way Scream 3 really tried to work in Sidney's trauma ( but instead opted for campy ridiculousness for the rest of the runtime) Scream 6 attempts to touch upon the grief behind every death, the frustrations and the fatigue that come along with running from Ghostface for years and years, and how that takes a toll on our new characters. Surprisingly, all the new characters feel fleshed out here and no time is really wasted on legacy cast. Instead, our new cast gets their time to shine and shine they do.

Loved the subway sequence and all the little horror nods (Red balloon anyone?).

Baddies galore. Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera carried and Hayden Panetierre is wifey af <3

I think the pacing could have really used some work personally but overall, this is much better than most of the entries. The directors stepped up their game after the horrendous Scream 5.
It's just so unfortunate how bad the ending is. This film had so much going for it and then it fumbled the climax really hard. They're really trying to go for the most left-field Ghostface reveals now and it's losing any real potential impact. At least the action and the kills were fun.

Between a 2.5 and a 3. Feeling generous and slapping a 3 on here.

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