The Devil All the Time

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This review may contain spoilers.

Wow, this is not what I was expecting. Before I get to what I enjoy I want the negatives out of the way. I want to end it positively. So I didn’t like the pacing of the movie. At a lot of moment it was very slow paced. It didn’t effect what I was enjoying of the movie, but it took me out of it at times. With the pacing, the way it would alternate between the different characters was so sudden and I would be deep into what was going on and then it would switch to someone else all of a sudden. Besides that I loved this movie. Everyone and I mean EVERY ONE does phenomenal with their acting. Like no one on this movie did bad with their acting. Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson are the type of actors that can mesh into whatever role they take on and they definitely do that in here. I wanted to do this review without mentioning Spider-Man but I have to for a second. I really enjoy when comic book movie actors can take a role, and become known for something other than the comic book character they play. Tom Holland and Sebastian Stan are mainly associated with Spider-Man and Winter Soldier from the Marvel movies and from what I’ve seen, this movie is really going to expand their career. Another thing I liked was how everything started to connect in the end. Everything Arvin has ever known comes back to him and it all starts to connect. Lenora’s parents, his parents, and the sheriff. I really enjoyed seeing Arvin go through this downfall and end up becoming just like his father. Seeing all the anger and aggression his father had now resembling what Arvin goes through was very interesting to see. His whole life has been full with tragedy and it seemed he really had no time to breathe because he was always going through something traumatic, so when the movie ends with him falling asleep I think it was a nod to him finally being released of the demons in his life. He finally got vengeance for Lenora and was somewhat happy. He says the words “I’m not a bad person” when he faces off with the sheriff and it really stuck out to me. It reminds me of Joker a littler but. Yes another reference to a comic book movie. But similar to Joker, you as an audience meme er don’t agree with Arvin’s murder spree, but at the same time you understand what he’s going through and why he’s doing what he’s doing, and you see the downfall the character has. I definitely recommend this movie. This is going to be a movie I go back to a lot.