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Locarno77: 7 - 17 August 2024


Marianne Slot: Importance of Defending Artistic Freedom

Imagine this: you’re in your 20s, you’ve never worked in or studied film when suddenly you find yourself producing an indisputably brilliant generational movie. Marianne Slot has now worked as Lars von Trier’s production partner since the 1990s. Over the decades her production company, Slot Machine, has been a cathedral for independent cinema. If producers were gatekeepers, Slot is the person you want holding the keys.

Lambert Wilson: "Being Inside One Life Wasn't Enough"

Tractors, madness, creative freedom and the heavy burden of judging art. We sit down with the prolific French actor Lambert Wilson, who is also the President of the Jury for the Locarno Film Festival, to talk about his new film, why he sees acting as a tool to extend life and ask that one crucial question: above all, is it great cinema?

Iranian film 'Mantagheye bohrani' (Critical Zone) wins the 2023 Pardo d'oro

"By unanimous - and I repeat unanimous - decision, the Jury is honoured to award a film that has collectively electrified us. A film that is as immersive and defiant as it is compassionate and tender. With inventive and disciplined photography and extraordinary sound design, the director draws authentic and audacious performances in spite of an oppressive and dangerous reality. This film is a 99 minute scream in the name of rebellion and freedom." - Jury President Lambert Wilson

2023 Locarno Film Festival - Day 11

We can't believe it - it's the last day of the 2023 Locarno Film Festival! In only a few hours, we'll know which film has been awarded the prestigious Pardo d'oro by our Jury. Who do you think it going to win?

2023 Locarno Film Festival - Day 10

On its penultimate day, the Locarno Film Festival shows no signs of slowing down. Audiences are in for a treat, with Rainer Sarnet's Nähtamatu võitlus, a kung-fu comedy set in an Orthodox monastery in the Soviet Union during the 70s. Need we say more?

2023 Locarno Film Festival - Day 9

Today, on day nine of the Locarno Film Festival, we will be celebrating some of the greats of international cinema. With awards and screenings to honour legendary Italian producer Renzo Rossellini, American auteur Harmony Korine, and Senegalese master, Mohammed Soudani.

2023 Locarno Film Festival - Day 8

Welcome to day eight of the 76th Locarno Film Festival! Today's savoury offerings provide their characters with a temporary escape from the monotony of daily life: in Eduardo Williams' El auge del humano 3, they find solace in friendship and connection, while for Bob Byington's Lousy Carter, a performance of The Great Gatsby that offers a chance at a dream life.

2023 Locarno Film Festival - Day 7

On the 7th day of the 2023 Locarno Film Festival, we're in good company with Leonor Teles's Baan, in which Lisbon and Bangkok fuse together in a time-and-space-bending tale of connection - and disconnection, while in Nuit obscure - Au revoir ici, n'importe où, Sylvain George takes us to Morocco, through the eyes of a group of youths hoping to reach the European continent via the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

2023 Locarno Film Festival - Day 6

It's day six of the 76th Locarno Film Festival. Today, audiences are invited on journeys of returns and departures. In Stepne, the latest film by Ukrainian director Maryna Vroda, a man returns home to take care of his dying mother, while in Simone Bozzelli's Patagonia, two young lovers dream of an (impossible?) escape.

Recent reviews

Being invited to participate in the Critics Academy was my first trip to Switzerland. It is a country I had romanticised for its vast scale: the land of CERN and particle collisions, hydroelectric dams and vast lakes. It is where Albert Einstein came up with his theory of relativity and Tim Burners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. It is where in 1916, following the eruption of Mt Tambora, Percy Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft and Lord Byron spent ‘the year without a…

In continuation to the idea of the body as a canvas for the medium, Somniloquies portrays sleeping nudes against the background of the audio archive of Mike Barr who recorded his roommate’s Dion McGregor’s sleep talking for several years. Vulnerable bodies are exposed as the camera lingers over their most intimate parts. Every now and then limbs emerge from the black, backs curl in a foetal position. No bed can be identified, people seem suspended, as if they are…

La Libertad by Lisandro Alonso is a simple, unembellished movie about a lumberjack, played by professional lumberjack Misael Saavdera, though he is never named. For ninety minutes we follow a day in his life. He wakes up, eats, defecates, goes to chop wood, has his lunch, listens to the radio, returns to work, sells wood, cooks dinner. Routine is the plot, and isolation the drama. The only people he interacts with are a guy at the gas station, and a…

An editor-in-chief for the mythical La lettre du cinéma — a journal that championed such forgotten French auteurs as Jean-Claude Guiguet and Danièle Dubroux and which also spent many of its pages attempting to unravel the increasingly complex continuities of the nouvelle vague (a subject put aside by the Cahiers of that time) through analysis of the late films of Eric Rohmer and Jacques Rivette — Axelle Ropert has only released four films since 2004. She is normally associated with…

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Touching tale of violence in suburban areas

Lav Diaz’ The Long Goodbye



El director filipino de películas como Melancholia, Norte, el fin de la historia y La mujer que se fue regresó a la sección principal del Festival de Locarno, donde en 2014 ganó el Leopardo de Oro por Desde lo que está antes, con un ambicioso film que puede verse como una suerte de continuación de la reciente When the Waves Are Gone (2022).


Con más de 30 largometrajes en sus 64 años de vida, el…

I always say this about their movies: they feel like soothing violent fever dreams with gentle hugs and kisses. Every time. Their movies just calm me down. Their movies are my therapy.

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