Music ½

Quickie Review
I know many of you will expect my usual wordy takedown when it comes to bad movies....but it's so unbearably awful, unwatchable and very offensive that it's just not worth my time to tear this a new one. All you need to know about this is it's the story of a young autistic teen named Music (Maddie Ziegler) who's placed in the care of her estranged half-sister Zu (Kate Hudson), a free spirit who's trying to recover from substance abuse. It's like one long music video that's so painfully awkward and messy to sit through that it should be a hate crime. The whole movie should be labeled a hate crime. You listen and listen good. You want proper, authentic and contemporary portrayals of autism? Check out "Everything's Gonna Be Okay" on Freeform. It's a good, underrated show with an actual, non-stereotypical autistic character in the female lead named Matilda and her portrayer's name is Kayla Cromer, an actress who's on the spectrum and nothing like the person Ziegler is playing. Watch that instead and avoid this crap fest at all costs.

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