Parasite ★★★★★

Quickie Review
When film fans of every color and creed, rich and poor, famous and infamous, hype up a movie and say that it's the best movie they ever seen, usually it ends up being a load of bunk and you end up hating film fans for making you believe the hype in the first place. Not in this instance. This is one of those rare times where a hyped-up film actually lives up to those lofty expectations and the best part of all is the filmmaker who made this film also made 3 of the best genre films ever made. That's right, Bong Joon-ho made another masterpiece. The man who brought you The Host, Snowpiercer and Okja now brings this deliciously entertaining and very impactful darkly comic psychological thriller about the haves being invaded by the have-nots. The cash-strapped lower-class Kim family, consisting of patriarch Kim Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho), matriarch Kim Chung-sook (Chang Hyae-jin), daughter Kim Ki-jeong (Park So-dam) & son Kim Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik), become obsessed with the much wealthier Park family and they concoct a scheme to be employed by the family by posing as unrelated, highly qualified individuals. The Kim family ingratiate themselves into the lives of the Park family and enjoying life as part of the other half but all that changes when they get entangled in an unexpected incident and what happens next will lead to a series of bonkers and bloody events. Honestly, I wish I could say more but this is something that you have to see for yourself as this one is full of surprises and you'll want to see what they are so the only other things I can tell y'all is that the performances are spectacular, the visuals are dazzling, the tones are a true high-wire act and the finale is just wild. Bong Joon-ho does it again with Parasite, an absolute must-see of the past decade and if you haven't seen it, now's the time to see what this film is all about. Unlike the abysmally hollow Joker, THIS (along with The Irishman and Once Upon a Hollywood) is the true awards season contender that's worth talking about.

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