Peter Pan ★★★★

Quickie Review 
Like most kids in the past and present, I grew up with Disney movies and shows. Throughout the '90s, I would watch anything Disney-related (except Disney Channel because it was a paid cable channel at the time) and the live-action and animated movies would air on the local Fox station but I somehow managed to miss this one until 1998 when I got the movie as a birthday present. Once I watched it for the first time, I considered it the real definitive "Peter Pan" movie until the 2003 live-action Universal/Columbia/Revolution version came out. The animation is fluid, the characters are memorable (with Tinkerbell being just as synonymous with the Disney brand as Mickey Mouse), the songs are catchy (even though a song like "What Makes The Red Man Red?" wouldn't exist in today's world) and there's great swashbuckling action too! Walt Disney's "Peter Pan" is a magical take on J.M. Barrie's legendary tale of the boy who never grew up.

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