Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★½

No end credits have ever been able to pull tears from my eyes. That is of course, until "Call me by your name".

And I think that may just be why it's so fantastic; like even in those last moments, the character's feelings are always the film's main focual point. But then again, so are the relationships. The relationships between its characters are some of the most beautiful I've ever come across; be it between Elio and his parents; Elio's parents and Oliver; or the highlight, Elio and Oliver.

Never does a single second or part of any of the relationships -- especially the one between Elio and Oliver -- feel unrealistic or forced. They flow with a natural ease that in some ways almost reminded me of a Rossellini picture -- a very special thing. And the performances portraying those characters in said relationships where all just as naturally beutiful and realistic -- and is why I think the academy will, once again, overlook them at the forthcoming Oscars

Now although it does feel laughable for me personally that anyone could feel this way, I have to note that there's no plot here, so it could be "boring" (*reviewer rolls his eyes*) to some. But honestly, sit back and feel everything this gem has to offer, and you may just love it as much as I know you want to. The atmosphere is sensual, the characters loveable, and the bitter-sweet story beautiful. How could anyone not like (love!) this? What a film!

Now excuse me while I go dry my tears.

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