Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★½

As much as I've been told that it is very much a film that has no meaning, and as much as the ending almost throws my take on it out the water, I still feel there is very much a point/meaning to this bizarre creation.

The film, and everything it's about comes down, to me, about desires. Desires that can only be met my a very special group of people; The People of the Holy motors.

One of those people is our main character. Who has a very special job -he dresses up as multiple type characters and preforms what ever tasks (desires or even fantasies) the people paying him want.

These desires can be as simple as a woman who just wants to cry at her dying uncle's bed, because her uncle might have already passed on(?)Or as complicated (as weird) as a gorgeous model who desires to be kidnapped by a freak.

All these desires get met daily by these people from the "Holy Motors", and honestly all those results and acts are pretty freaking amazing.
Like seriously, who thought of this?lol.

It's not a film I'd be able to watch to often, but I'll be demanded if it wasn't an exhilarating first-watch experience, as well as a definite new favorite, for me.

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