The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★★

The Panthom Carriage 1921; The Shining 1980... What do these two films released decades after each other have in common? I kid you not they both have a scene with an axe swinging man tearing down a door in basically the same way near the end of the film-- but of course shot and playing out differently. Did this film as some sort of inspiration for Mr. Kubrick's legendary scene? Mybe? Who knows? I just thought it was pretty damn awesome -- almost as awesome as this not dated for a second, fantastically directed, shot, acted, scored and well any other cine-broey line one could come with masterpiece was. It literally stunned me how a film this old can still be this damn creepy and enthralling. Not only a new favorite silent film, but a new favorite in general, for sure.

Available in HD on YouTube.

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