Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory ★★★★★

childhood dreams have been pursuing him lately. in the moment of light sleep, when he dozes off and forgets about his pain, he dreams of his mother; he dreams in bright red and light blue; dreams always smelling of freshly painted walls and roses that his mother places around the house. he is happy, and his mother’s smile stays with him long after the dreams dissolve into nothingness. these childhood memories remind him of his passion, his first desire and the roots of his love for what he does in life. it’s reminiscent of bittersweet beginnings, everything he’s done and everything he couldn’t be; it reminds salvador that he is exactly where he should be.

haven’t seen a film with an abundance of soul and spirit and heart in a hot minute. it was a pure poetic ode to the art of creativity and a love story dedicated to the art of filmmaking. the use of the colour red was quite mesmerizing, a visual reminder of the passion that salvador, our protagonist, has for what he does. it was funny and melancholic and serious when it needed to be, and i think the perfect harmony between those elements worked beautifully. antonio banderas is breathtaking, probably giving the best performance of his career. i can’t wait to see it again

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