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  • Time



    Undeniably masterful editing. First, it's a great benefit to the filmmakers to have so much footage and access to the subject matter of their film. That already gives them an advantage in their storytelling options. But after you have the material, it's another hurdle to formulate a compelling narrative using that footage. Director, Garrett Bradley and her editor, have accomplished a film that won a Sundance film festival award and acquired a distribution deal from Amazon. Good for Bradley and everyone involved. I was bored.

  • Secondhand Hearts

    Secondhand Hearts

    I liked the premise of this rom-com and the two sister characters were really good, but their male romantic counterparts were so wrongly cast, I cannot forgive this film for that flaw. Jericho Lopez as the plucky baxter was never believable. In what universe would he ever be romantically involved with Mallory Corinne's character. I don't blame Jericho Lopez, I blame Austin Everett, the writer-director, who thought Lopez's character would work. Then Ben Isaacs as the rom-com male lead is a walking twig. He's emotionless. Zero charisma. Rom-coms live or die with the casting and SECONDHAND HEARTS dies.

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  • Parasite



    The most over-hyped film of 2019. I firmly believe that if this exact same script was made in Hollywood, it would be average at best. Like most foreign films to English speaking audiences, the Korean culture and aesthetic adds a layer of prestige that makes it seem grander than it is. PARASITE is a moderately interesting, light horror-comedy story. I would normally give movies like this two and half stars for being slightly above average, but since this film will continuously receive praise and hype for reasons outside the merits of its cinema, I give this half a star out of protest.

  • Booksmart



    BOOKSMART is one of the worst films of 2019, because it is a cultural cancer and a reflection of what upper middle class liberal white people are like today. Don't think so? Then guess who you are? You thought the patriarchy was bad? Wait until you see the next evolution of the matriarchy. It isn't any better, rather, it's the same dick humor, but now with vaginas. BOOKSMART is SUPERBAD.

    I always get Olivia Wilde mixed up with Emily Blunt.…