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  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


    Jim Carrey was sooo good in this. He literally carried the whole movie. The plot is surprisingly quite good but everything else is a bit average. The comedy is great and has some really good jokes. It’s an enjoyable Jim Carrey film that is great at being a Jim Carrey film.

  • The Harry Hill Movie

    The Harry Hill Movie


    Honestly the Harry Hill movie is just breathtaking. I'm tempted to say that this film is the greatest piece in cinematic history and will change the landscape of it forever, the way the humour contrasts with the drama and emotion and Harry Hills massive forehead is just magnificent. I would love to have sex with Harry Hill as the thought of this film would not only spur me on, but having sex with him would feel like the sequel to…

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  • The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part


    This long awaited sequel did not hit the highs of the first. It lacked the creativity and wit of the original and felt a bit tonally different. The plot was very bad and extremely predictable and there was a forced message of “toxic masculinity”. The characters acted way different to how they were like before and the new characters had absolutely nothing interesting about them and some were very annoying.

    I hates how the film became a musical, having four…

  • Léon: The Professional

    Léon: The Professional


    An incredibly good film, with great action scenes but also a lot of heart and emotion. The characters of Léon and Mathilda are great and their relationship is enjoyable (though a bit weird). Natalie Portman was absolutely brilliant and gave a better performance than most could at the age of 11. Gary Oldman was also amazing and I wish his character had more screen time.  The blend of genres and eccentric characters makes the film very unique and is a must watch for all.