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Denis Villeneuve Goes Film-by-Film, from ‘Incendies’ to ‘Dune’

Throughout his career–from Incendies (2010) to Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and now Dune–Villeneuve has remained steadfastly loyal to the independent filmmaking frame of mind. His career loyalty, Villeneuve says, is to story–not to the studios paying to make his movies. Said the director: “My loyalty is to cinema. I have a sacred relationship with cinema; it is like a kind of religion.”

Someone We Watched: Ramin Bahrani – The Price to Be Paid

Watching a Ramin Bahrani movie feels how I imagine it must to be a method actor preparing for a role. So immersive and tactile is his filmmaking that, by the end of Chop Shop I felt like, if dropped off in Queens with nothing to my name, I could probably earn some dough by buffing scratches out of cars, selling bootleg DVDs and, if desperate enough, snatching a purse or two.