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They’re Finally Here! The 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards Film Nominations Announced!

This morning, we announced the  Film Independent Spirit Awards film nominees for the 38th annual awards ceremony, set to return in-person to the beach at Santa Monica Pier on Saturday, March 4, 2023. For the third year, the Spirit Awards will also be recognizing outstanding achievement in uniqueness of vision, innovation and boldness in TV and streaming. As a reminder, television category nominees will be announced separately by Orange Is the New Black alum, Asia Kate Dillon, on Tuesday, December 13.

ICYMI: Catch Up with October’s Film Independent Presents Q&A Lineup

For those of us in Los Angeles, it has just started to feel like fall – with the cold snap turning leaves into vibrant yellow, orange, and red, and boots season is upon us again. October has gone by in a flash: amidst the frenetic pace of preparing and producing the 2022 Fi Forum – four days of jam-packed panels, case studies, workshops, and networking events – we also hosted no fewer than ten screenings under the Film Independent Presents series –…

11 Authentic and Riveting Military Films in Honor of Veterans Day

“Let every nation know, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty ….. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” These words from President John F. Kennedy would forever change the trajectory of Ron Kovic’s life. 

Fiscal Spotlight: Three Stories of Survival and the Long Shadow of the Holocaust

It can be discombobulating to consider that the Holocaust—the greatest human calamity in civilized history—happened so relatively recently. Sure, for those of us in the prime of our adulthood in 2022, the event too often seems like a horrible folk-tale nightmare, something confined to musty archival photos and memoirs, occurring solely within the sanitized pages of New York Times bestsellers, or in the glossy recreations of tasteless Hollywood awards fodder. But the fact is, the Age of the Holocaust is our Age, with living…

2022 Film Independent Producing Lab and $150,000 Imaginar Producers Residency Applications Open

“Producer” in the filmmaking world is one of those infamously nebulous words – it is one of those roles where no one really knows what you do unless you’re the one doing the “producing.” It’s not as straightforward as an actor, a stunt coordinator, a costume designer or a VFX artist. When you ask anyone the question “What does a ‘producer’ mean to you?”, it’s hard to put your finger on a tangible answer.

Forum 2022 Day 3: Forging Your Path, Unparalleled Authenticity in ‘Pachinko’ and Diversity in Storytelling

Alright, on the penultimate day of #FiForum22, we were still going strong with plenty of panels on the fortitude that it takes to forge a career in filmed entertainment, like how Pachinko creator Soo Hugh amassed an army of historians to bring meaningful authenticity to the hit show. Check out the highlights du jour below and visit our blog for full coverage of the 16th Annual Film Independent Forum.

Forum 2022 Day 2: Meaningful Indigenous Representation in Media and Achieving Sustainable Filmmaking

Day Two of the 2022 Film Independent Forum was an action-packed day of storytelling, knowledge sharing, and celebrating fresh voices with fresh ideas. Between the evening livestreamed discussion with Cloud Woman Media CEO Bird Runningwater – a member of the Cheyenne and Mescalero Apache Tribal Nations – and three on-demand sessions to equip filmmakers with tools for sustainable production, pitching prowess and tricks of the trade in feature development, there was a well of wisdom to ponder for days!