2022 Film Independent Producing Lab and $150,000 Imaginar Producers Residency Applications Open

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“Producer” in the filmmaking world is one of those infamously nebulous words – it is one of those roles where no one really knows what you do unless you’re the one doing the “producing.” It’s not as straightforward as an actor, a stunt coordinator, a costume designer or a VFX artist. When you ask anyone the question “What does a ‘producer’ mean to you?”, it’s hard to put your finger on a tangible answer.

It can mean taking on a second mortgage on your house to finance an indie that eventually becomes a blockbuster franchise. Or, if you head up the production company of an auteur director, it means juggling the company’s eclectic development slate at various stages of production while solving problems in real-time on the set when weather conditions hinder production on location. Many times, it is about securing financing or production tax credits in particular jurisdictions. Many producers will tell you that literally no two days are alike!
Which begs the question: how does one even begin to learn the tricks of the trade of becoming a producer, let alone a successful one? Well, here’s where Film Independent’s Producing Lab comes in!

Now in its 22nd year, the annual Producing Lab is an intensive program .....

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