Bohemian Rhapsody ★★½

Catching up on the last 2 Best Picture nominees I need to see & yeah, pretty sure you can guess which ones they are. The best thing I can say about BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is that it has "Killer Queen" (sorry, I couldn't resist) sound design & plays great in 5.1 surround with L & R speaker jumps. This is even more pronounced if you switch to headphones, which I like to do on sound heavy pictures.

Also, the editing! The film is a mass of problems & my God, does Rami Malek's dental apparatus distract (they went to a parody level extreme & he never looks comfortable) but the editors knew how to punch this one up MTV style in the musical sequences & quicken its sluggish pace.

The entire opening sequence with his back to the audience as he arrives at Live Aid is edited like pure eye candy.

Better films are nominated &/or should have been nominated in both of these categories (& honestly, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE had the best sound design of any film I saw last year) but basically, that's my BOHEMIAN takeaway.