Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ½

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Quentin Beck accuses Tony Stark of stealing his life's work, naming it B.A.R.F. and taking all the credit for it and then Tony labelling him as a psychopath and a mentally-ill person. The film also implies that him being mentally ill might be true. Although it's never outright stated but it is very clearly implied based on his actions and how he behaves around his crew but even then, there's a disturbing lack of empathy towards his character. However, the film also never refutes his claims that Stark was a rich piece of shit who(much like in Homecoming) screwed over his employee when it easily could've done that using the rashomon effect, especially since a pivotal Iron Man related character is part of the story: that being Happy but it has no interest in telling a worthwhile story sooo if I had to take a guess... then Beck's accusations are probably right. Parker also never questions Stark's ethics one bit. There's not a single point in the movie where Parker questions his own admiration for Stark and questions to himself that he might not have been a good person to begin with. The scene where he "finally becomes his own person" is a prime example of MCU having it's cake and eating it too. Characters and the film is constantly telling you that Parker is meant to be his own person and not another Stark(further proved by Parker's identity being revealed against his will which is indeed a nice parallel to Stark revealing his own identity at the end of the first Iron Man film) yet the movie needlessly goes out of it's way to have Parker make a stark suit with stark tech on stark jet as he listens to ACDC instead of... Idk, say Alt J's Left Hand's Free, a song that was played back in Civil War when we were first introduced to Peter, while Happy looks at him with a "Damn he's so much like Tony" look on his face.

Then there's Edith which is a whole barrage of problematic stuff. Tony Stark makes another drone warfare program after project insight and Ultron initiative turning out to be absolute dumpster fires, basically learning nothing from his previous experiences(so much for Tony Stark having oNe Of ThE BeSt ChArAcTeR dEvElOpMeNt In CiNeMaTiC hIsToRy), and hands it over to a 15 year old kid and the worst part is that, Peter keeps the glasses by the end of the film. The film blatantly glorifies Stark by having posters of him everywhere, Parker living upto his a somewhat misguided legacy to say the least, Edith being named "Even Dead I'm The Hero"(our lovely narcissist, so cute) and what not, while demonizing Mysterio.

Mix all of this with bland visual style, bland action set pieces, horrible characters with little to non existent character arcs played by actors on autopilot mode and you get a movie that is completely devoid of personality or anything, really. At least Homecoming had Michael Keaton.

P.s.- Count this as a part of my Spider-Man rewatch on the way to No Way Home because I had already watched Homecoming a few months ago and I didn't wanna go through it again. Next up, the TASM films with my boy Andrew and the holy trilogy.

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