• Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    2021 Ranked

    Alot of fun but stil kind of frustrating. I like the first Venom film because not only did it manage to be a fun schlocky B-comic book movie that clearly slipped from 2003 and crashed into 2018 due to some disturbance in space and time, but it also managed to do what most superhero movies(most specifically the newer MCU ones) usually fail at... and that's making me care about the main character. I like Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock,…

  • Reminiscence



    Somewhat compelling but ultimately a mess. Rebecca Ferguson innocent tho.

  • Injustice



    whose idea was it to adapt this already trash storyline WITHOUT fixing the main issue. Batman is an inhumane hypocritical bitch in this continuity, call your messiah out on his bs Warner Bros smh

  • Dear Evan Hansen

    Dear Evan Hansen


    Honestly they should've just turned Evan Hansen into Connor's murderer and the whole thing would've been a lot better.

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Nothing that I say will do the film's story or ambition any justice so I'll just say this for now.... I'm very pleased that A24 is keeping the surprise cum shot alive.

  • F9



    2021 Ranked
    The Fast Saga Ranked

    An absolute blast and further cements Justin Lin as one of the best action/blockbuster directors working in the industry today.

    Had a little trouble getting into the plot in the first half-an-hour or so but the rest of the film more than makes up for it. This felt alot like the fourth Fast & Furious, tonally(although not as drab or overtly serious) but with right amount of self-awareness and sincerity that has made most of…

  • Venom



    Much better than I remember. Tom Hardy is absolutely enigmatic in the role. His Eddie Brock somehow feels more grounded, down to earth and relatable than say, Tom Holland's Spider-Man(which is an absolute crime).

    I also really love how Eddie looks throughout the movie. No bland shirtless scenes, just Tom Hardy being down on his luck, tired with his life, zoned out and looking like utter shite the whole movie. Low-key my biopic tbh.

  • Laurence Anyways

    Laurence Anyways


    On the health that's regained. On the perils of old days. On the hope with no past. I'm writing your name

    One of the most spellbinding movies I've ever seen. A transexual drama that is a perfect blend of anger and tenderness, told in epic proportions. Highly recommend!

  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings


    MCU Ranked

    Expecting this to age well in the future so I'm rating it 3.5 right now and also because it stuck with me quite a bit than I expected it to(certainly way more than other marvel movie that came out this year) and had good drama, some of which I normally wouldn't expect from a marvel movie.

    I was expecting this to be awful but I had alot of fun, not gonna lie. EASILY the best action in the…

  • The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle

    more like the ass castle

  • Heartbeats



    So cliche, I love it!

  • Malignant



    Admirable direction from Wan and I liked the body horror aspect but modern studio horror flicks are just not for me.

    Also, the use of safari's cover of where is my mind was laughably bad.