All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★

I was not expecting this movie to be a lot different from the original considering the remake before this was similar to the original. Although this movie still has similar scenes and ideas as the original, I think this movie presents its anti-war ideas in an effective, clear cut way through a brutal sequence of events that drives those ideas and its big message home. The impeccable directing of the actors and sequence of events, the beautiful yet tense cinematography, the ominous musical score, the transformative makeup and costumes, the remarkable acting, and the dark color palette all create and describe the incredible filmmaking on display to tell this devastating period in human history where millions of lives were on the line just to cover as much land as possible, which was not much in the end, while government officials sit back far from the actual action and handle the diplomatic side of the war. The way the characters are handled in this film makes me feel for them when they inevitably die and then I am taken aback when it is shown that these young soldiers are turned into statistics for the country and they reuse the deceased soldiers uniforms for new soldiers and also the overwhelming pressure of infirmaries trying to care for each soldier. Overall, this film is quite fascinating to watch and it is up there with John Carpenter's The Thing for being a well crafted remake with a unique vision that could propel this film into a classic one day.

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